A Very Well Designed machine. A Husker with Electro Pneumatic Control Devices. In conventional dehusker which generally is of gear type or belt driven type and an adjustment is required for roll clearance frequently which is quite troublesome. Because it requires a good tact of the operator to archive the same result of the material after break down. Secondly if there is a power failure then rolls become jammed and feeder to be shut manually and hurriedly. After the power resumption operation operator has to adjust the rolls accordingly but there is no such type of problem in pneumatic dehusker in such worse condition. The feeder automatically shuts and roll become disengaged and vice versa and the same shelling percentage can be obtained after resumption. There are also more benefits of this machine e.g. Less broken than any gear type of machine, uniformity of the result, more capacity from 3000kg to 4500kg per hour, no oil leakage hence clean functioning, noise free, strong and sturdy built, The machine is supplied with 10hp. Motor A.C. to drive and one blower with 1 hp. Motor for dust removal from machine, One compressor with 2 hp. Motor cyclone and necessary pipe to make environment dust free. Our machine gives more life of rubbers and vee belts than any make of machine.