Abrasive Cone Polisher - Most successful, popular and efficient machine to remove greyish and reddish layer from rice with the least breakage and highest output.
Bran Cleaner - Bran plays an essential roll in rice milling. Less brown layer removal and more oil percentage makes rice miller profitable.
Dehusker Gear Type - A result of workmanship of four decades of Rice machinery manufacturing.
Paddy Separator - An essential unit Rice Processing. A very efficient machine which separates paddy from shelled Grains.
Pre Cleaners or paddy cleaner are used for seiving paddy and other grains to make them free of dust, stones and straws.
Husk Aspiration - The machine body is made of M.S. Angles welded well to each other. 16 gauge B.P. sheets are used for incorporating the body shell.
IFW Whitener WH – 2.5 is designed to fulfill the need of Rice Milling, it is a perfect machine to give a sparkling  shine to whole grain of Rice, It can be operated with less efforts getting Maximum Production.