Historically IFW stands for Quality. One of its own kind in Northern India. Established in 1956 by Late. S.Mohinder Singh Giani, who came in industrial sector in 1946. Indian Foundry Works is the first manufacturer of Rice Mills on engineered approach, comprehensive planning right performance and standardised parts. Every machine is planned, fabricated and manufactured in a different section. We have an option to start feed paddy from right hand or from left hand. Uncleaned paddy which has metallic objects, stones or any other impurity is cleaned by the preliminary, pneumatic and cyclonised paddy cleaner. Cleaned paddy is fed in an overhead paddy bin, which distributes it into rubber roll dehuskers and is shelled upto 90% - 95%. This shelled mixture is conveyed through a V.B. elevator to over head husk aspirator which sucks and throws out the husk. Passing the mixture of Rice and paddy to paddy separator which separates sophisticatedly paddy and rice.

Thus unshelled paddy is again fed to paddy bin which is reprocessed by R.R. Dehuskers. Brown rice coming out of the paddy separator is fed to cone polishers by bucket elevators. This process is repeated in a number polisher to get finest and healthy quality of edible rice. Finally polished rice is seived off through a riddle type chalna or plain sifter or both, the rice bran coming out of the rice polisher is collected at one point by a screw worm and sieved by a riddle chalna or purified from impurities by a pneumatic bran cleaner.

It is a point of appreciation that our plain sifter or riddle chalna seives varieties of cleaned full rice, half broken, quarter broken, 1/8 broken and kernels of rice free of husk or bran.

Best raw material like casting, Carbon Steel of Shafts and gears, High Quality bearings ISI/Q marked iron and steel structural material and seasoned teak wood is used.

R & D unit has set up with us to modify and improve our products. Cones and most of the pulleys are Computer balanced.

We depute our engineers to visit our supplied machinery, After putting the mill in operation 2/3 times with in warranty period and generally every year to know and remove any difficulty.

We are backed by an experience of about half century by the engineer founder and excellent experienced staff. The old mother machines are always replaced by modernised ones from time to time. We give national products of international standards as we pace with the time. Due to standardization and keeping the pace ahead from others we are awarded GOLD MEDAL at Madras by the then Tamil Naidu Industry Minister in 1982. We were also awarded the STATE PRODUCTIVITY AWARD along with the cash prize of Rupees One Lac in 1995 - 96 by the then Chief Minister, S.Beant Singh. We were again award BEST DISPLAY AWARD at Chandigarh at Techno Fair -97.

We are proud of to display our products without any rental charges at Punjab Pavilion ITF for so many years.